Forest Pallet Project

The timber fellers, screen print, recycled pallet, 2020, 102x80x13cm

Clearcut mine, screen print, and screen print flocked with charcoal, 2020, 70x89cm

Forest Pallet Project broadside, mindmap

Forest Pallet Project is an ongoing project looking at the intersection of capitalism, colonialism and environmental destruction, in particular logging. It is an attempt to understand this time that has been called the Capitalocene, and to find new ways of thinking and putting those ways of thinking into action. As such the work encompasses both visual arts and writing as it tries to explore a variety of approaches to thinking through the Capitalocene. The work revolves principally around the shipping pallet as a site where these complex historical processes come together through its material and use. Forest Pallet Project understands the pallet as facilitating particular kinds of movement, both metaphoric and literal, in a way that is not politically neutral. These connections are explored more fully in the broadside, which features an essay and a mindmap.

Forest Pallet Project was created on the land of the Gadigal Wangal people of the Eora Nation and was supported by Frontyard.

All images ©Brigitta Summers unless otherwise stated.